Get Started with LiveIt! Patient Education Made Easy!

LiveIt! Lifestyle is Nutritional Education for Your Patients

LiveIt! makes it easy to:

  • Educate your patients about nutrition-related health conditions
  • Answer your patients' everyday nutritional questions
  • Inspire your patients to participate in building their nutritional health

Step 1: LiveIt! Nutritional Lessons + Patient Reminder Cards

Circle the first LiveIt! Nutritional Lesson on an Patient Reminder Card and hand it to your patient at the end of their visit. You can even write the date of their next appointment right on the card!

Step 2: Your Personalized LiveIt! Web Module

Your patient reads, prints, or listens to the LiveIt! Nutritional Lesson within the LiveIt! Web Module – embedded directly into your existing website – before their next visit.

If you don't have a website, we'll provide a personalized LiveIt! Website for you!

Step 3: Continually build health and build your practice!

At each visit, assign the next lesson and encourage your patient to share lessons with friends and family via email, facebook, twitter and more. This strengthens your health-building relationship with your patient and generates referrals to your office.

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LiveIt! Video Demo

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Nutritional Lessons

Personalized LiveIt! Nutritional Lessons

Preview the LiveIt! Lessons

The full suite of LiveIt! Lessons contains a wide range of essential nutritional information that teaches your patients how to build and maintain health with whole foods and whole food supplements.

Each LiveIt! Lesson is designed to answer patient questions, encourage patient compliance with your nutritional recommendations, and teach patients how to talk to others about the work you do.

This builds patient confidence and stimulates referrals for your office.

Each LiveIt! Lesson is:

  • Focused on a specific health topic and presented in a way that has proven to be both informative and inspiring.
  • Personalized with your name and office information.
  • Printable in PDF format for unlimited distribution in your office.
  • Easily shareable through Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

You choose which LiveIt! Nutritional Lessons appear in your LiveIt! Web Module. Use them all or create a custom education system for your practice!

Wow, this makes it easy! The LiveIt! Lessons are personalized and patients read them, digg them, and pass them on to their friends via Facebook or whatever. AND they are learning this important health information. Thanks for setting this up.

LiveIt! Web Module

Personalized LiveIt! Web Module

Preview a LiveIt! Web Module Preview a custom LiveIt! Website

The LiveIt! Web Module is a powerful tool that integrates directly into your existing website and give your patients 24/7 access to:

  • 32 LiveIt! Nutritional Lessons
  • Patients Speak Testimonial Library

Your LiveIt! Web Module allows your patients to:

  • Learn from the convenience of their homes at their own pace.
  • Prepare to follow your recommendations.
  • Refer friends and family to your lessons and office information via email, facebook, twitter and more!


I give my patients the choice of reading LiveIt! Lessons on paper or at my LiveIt! Web Module – almost all of them prefer to go online! They can easily forward the information to friends too. This is great!

Patient Reminder Cards

LiveIt! Patient Reminder Cards

Whether you want to educate your patients about specific health conditions, answer their everyday nutritional questions, or inspire them to begin building their overall health, LiveIt! Patient Reminder Cards make it easy to complete each patient visit with nutritional education.

Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Circle the first LiveIt! Nutritional Lesson and hand the card to your patient.
  2. Your patient reads, prints, or listens to the lesson at your website via the integrated LiveIt! Web Module.
  3. At each following visit, assign the next lesson to strengthen your health-building relationship with your patient.

LiveIt! Patient Reminder Cards also stimulate referrals when your patients pass them along to family and friends!

These cards are slick! I keep a pocket full of them and hand one to each patient every visit, with a Lesson circled to read at home. They hand them to friends. Everyone goes to my LiveIt! Lessons Online. Brilliant! It is working!

Testimonial Library

LiveIt! Patients Speak Testimonial Library

Preview the Testimonial Library

The LiveIt! Patients Speak Testimonial Library adds the power of real-life experiences to your LiveIt! Web Module. We consolidate testimonials from patients of LiveIt! Health Care Specialists around the country and integrate them directly into your LiveIt Web Module! Your patients can learn from the successes of others like themselves, and become inspired to do the same for their family and friends.

Enjoy the benefits of Patient Testimonials powered by LiveIt!

I had a patient come in the other day asking for nutritional support for a condition she learned about at the Patients Speak section of my LiveIt! Web Module. This is building my practice. Thanks!!

About LiveIt! Education

About the LiveIt! Patient Education System

The LiveIt! Patient Education System is a powerful, results-driven approach to nutritional education, designed to inspire and guide your patients about the health-building effects of whole foods and whole food supplements – both online and in your office!

The LiveIt! Patient Education System has been carefully developed over the last 25 years from experiences with real patients, and has continually proven to increase patient compliance, generate referrals, and build nutritional practices!

I am finding it easier to introduce patients to nutritional support now, because I have an organized system of patient education. LiveIt! makes it easy and less time-consuming for me.

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